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A Guide To Responsible Pet Ownership


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<p><img class=”alignright” src=”/wp-content/uploads/sites/86/2019/11/side-cat2.gif” alt=”house cat” >Responsible pet ownership is essential for a healthy and safe family dynamic. When you first bring home a new pet, from a breeder or shelter, there is a substantial amount of responsibility that is placed in your hands, as well as your family. Certainly, a new furry friend joining the family will enhance your life, but also they will also change your everyday routines, activities, and in some way finances. There are five key factors of responsible pet ownership to consider before bringing a new pet home.</p> 

<h2>Time management</h2>

<p>Time management is an important factor to consider when bringing home a new pet. Essentially, it takes a lot of time, care, and patience to have a pet in your home. For example, if you have a puppy, you have to consider the time it takes to train a puppy, house train, socialize, as well as puppy-proof your entire home. Rather, if you have a senior cat or dog, they might come with additional responsibilities, such as diabetes which requires medication daily. Consider the extra time you have in your day to dedicate to a furry friend and how that can impact you and your furry friend.</p>

<h2>Pet’s well-being</h2>

<p>A pet’s positive well-being is absolutely essential. In order for a pet to be balanced, they must be receiving necessary care regularly. For instance, care in what food they’re eating to the quality of physical exercise. Certainly, when you take the time, attention, and care to focus on your pet, you benefit the short and long-term quality of your furry friend’s life.</p>

<p>Consider these opportunities for your pet’s well-being:</p>


<p>The human-animal bond is one of the most remarkable aspects of the relationship between us and our pets. Certainly, the emotional connection is not just beneficial for us, but for our pets as well.</p>


<p>Our experience shows, it is important for your pet to be mentally stimulated throughout their day. Consider various types of enrichment toys and the amount of interactive play time they will need to be fulfilled incorporating that into your day. For instance, a game of tug, a round of ball, or laser light on the wall can be a fun way to incorporate play and get the whole family involved.</p>


<p>Physical activity and exercise are a great benefit for your dogs and cats. Also, physical activity can help keep you and your furry friend in top shape, which can be especially beneficial for pets exhibiting stress and anxiety and behavioral issues. Without question, investing in the emotional, physical, and mental well-being of your pet is essential to responsible pet ownership.</p>

<h2>Match pet to lifestyle</h2>

<p>A necessary factor to consider is the need to match your new pet to your lifestyle. For instance, consider your home life, work life, and family life and how it will be impacted by the arrival of a new pet. For example:</p>

<p>How flexible are your work hours? Do you work extended shifts or have an alternative work schedule?</p>

<p>Do you have kids, additional pets, or a baby on the way?</p>

<p>Additionally, your new furry friend should have ample room to sleep and play, as well as a personal space to retreat to if they need to get away.</p>

<p>Also, in order to make sure your pet is a good fit for your family –</p>

<p>Make sure all introductions are done prior to a permanent move-in. While it may not be perfect, you want to make sure all parties get along at the on-set of the relationship. Certainly, no one wants to experience having to return a furry friend if the home life is not a good match for all parties.</p>

<h2>Pets are family members</h2>

<p>Pets are family members and have become an essential part of the family dynamic. With that being said, responsible pet ownership means often looking to other family members to assist with the joys of pet ownership.</p>

<p>For example, plan ahead on who will be responsible for pet duties, and divvy up the various tasks between different family members. Consider a rotating schedule that way one person won’t get stuck doing the same task every day.</p>

<p>At first, a change to our routines and schedules accompanies the arrival of our new furry friends. Give yourself extra time to accomplish a task. For instance, the first dog walk or change of the cat litter might take longer than anticipated, and that is ok. Likewise, every party involved is learning a new activity or routine together, which strengthens your bond as a family.</p>

<h2>Financial responsibility of pet ownership</h2>

<p>One of the bigger challenges many pet owners face is the financial responsibility of pet ownership and what that entails. Similarly, when you are planning your monthly budget, it is important to take into consideration the cost of food, bedding, and wellness/preventative care. Consider, in a multi-pet household, this cost could be more significant depending on the breed, age, and amount of pets. When planning your monthly budget, consider your planned costs, as well as above and beyond expenses.</p>

<p>For instance, you can financially plan for your yearly vaccine check of if your pup needs flea preventative medication. It is more difficult to plan for the unexpected, like an accident, and that is where a pet insurance policy, can help lend a paw with the unforeseen. An important factor of responsible pet ownership is having the financial resources to properly care for your pets.</p>

<p>Depending on the nature of the problem, veterinary costs can easily climb into the thousands of dollars.</p>

<h2>Responsible pet ownership: changing the look of the family dynamic</h2>

<p>Responsible pet ownership means having the ability to take the necessary time to play and care for our pets. Additionally, it means having a schedule that allows time to be there for those first moments as well as working together as a family to adjust to new life moments and adapting to schedules and routines. Certainly, by looking at what it means to be financially responsible as a pet owner, you can better take care of your pets for their lifetime.</p>         

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