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Small Animal (Dogs & Cats)

Routine Vaccinations

Vaccination is the most common veterinary preventive measure in history. It’s a safe and effective way to protect pets and people from serious disease.

Spay/Neuter Surgery

Our Doctor’s use the latest surgical techniques and pain management to make your pet comfortable and minimize complications. Typically no more e-collars or return visits for suture removal.

Complete Blood Counts & Chemistry’s

We use an outside testing laboratory for state of the art diagnostic screening. This allows us to have results generally with-in twenty-four hours ensuring your pet receives timely and appropriate treatment.

Digital X-Ray

Our state of the art digital equipment provides real time diagnostics allowing our Dr’s to review results with you during your visit. When second opinions are required we utilize on-line consultation and reporting from a radiology specialist.

Specialty Blood Testing

Lyme Disease and Heartworm in dogs and Feline Aids & Leukemia in cats are common in our area. We strongly recommend our in-clinic ten minute testing. These diseases may have infected your pet and not be symptomatic. Treating, vaccinating and starting your pet on preventatives may prevent a lot of heartache and additional expense.

Tail Docking & Dewclaw removal (puppies only)


Fecal Examinations for Parasites

We highly recommend this diagnostic procedure in conjunction with your pets annual exam and vaccinations especially if your pet spends time outdoors in the presence of other pets or farm animals.

Pre-Surgical Blood Testing

We require a complete blood screen prior to dental procedures and all surgeries when your pet is over the age of five. For spay or neuter surgery blood work is recommended but not mandatory. Blood work helps us identify potential underlying condition that might adversely affect your pet under sedation and anesthesia.

Dental Care

Good dental health is critical in maintaining and supporting your pets overall health. We offer complete dental care that includes routine screening, preventative care, cleaning and scaling (removing plaque) and when needed oral surgery and extractions.


Human annual physicals as we age typically include this procedure to proactively identify any heart abnormality that could effect quality of life and longevity. Our pets are no different. We recommend that your pet receives this non-evasive test with a complete blood chemistry every year after the age of six or seven. 

Cryosurgery (using Liquid Nitrogen)

Cryosurgery is a surgical technique that uses liquid nitrogen to remove skin tags and surface growths by freezing. This procedure eliminates the need for invasive surgery and has minimal risk.

House Calls (minimum fee applies – call for more details)

At home wellness exams with vaccinations are available by appointment Monday, Tuesday and Friday afternoons. This option is suggested if you have pets that don’t travel or do well in a clinic environment, multiple pets or simply for your convenience.. Call us for appointment availability and price information. Please note we do not offer emergency care or diagnostic procedures during house calls for small animals.

What our clients say about us

So appreciative of the care and support given to my “fur baby” Waylon and me when he was both diagnosed with lymphoma and ultimately had to make his journey over the Rainbow Bridge. Truly compassionate, caring, and advised us on what was best for him so we could make the best decisions about his care. I highly recommend them for your pet care, they do care!!!

Donna Marsh

What our clients say about us

Love love them!!! My pet has many anxiety issues and they couldn’t be more patient with him!

Jodi Yaworski

What our clients say about us

We finally found a veterinary practice that feels like home.the staff are always friendly, helpful and informative. Dr Calabrese goes the extra mile to explain exactly what our dogs need and never pushes unnecessary treatments or procedures. Our dogs love going to see Doc Lou and we wouldn’t take our animals anywhere else.

Wendy Paquette

What our clients say about us

We travel some distance to see Dr. Louis Calabrese…he is always so generous with his time and advice. We are so grateful to have access to such a professional. We’ve had a kennel for 25 years and currently own and raise Siberian Huskies. We currently have several teams and frequently need Veterinary care and oversight. I would recommend Dr. Calabrese whether you have one dog or many.

Michele Marie Harvey