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Microchips for Your Pet


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Within the last several years, devices known as microchips are becoming increasingly popular among pet owners as a way of recovering a pet were they to become lost or stolen. National statistics show that approximately 10 million pets are lost each year in the United States. Without any form of identification 90% never return home and may be put to sleep by local animal shelters or municipal dog pounds. Collars containing identification tags can, and frequently do, come off the dog resulting in the dog never finding it’s rightful owner. Now your pet can have a permanent form of identification implanted under the skin that can never be lost. cat photo


Microchips are easily implanted under the skin using a local anesthetic and can be accomplished during an office call at our clinic. We can also implant microchips while your pet is being spayed, neutered or having any other type of surgery or dental procedure. Current microchips are reliable and have an anti-migration property that keeps them located in the area that they are implanted for the life of the pet.


Once you call in a Lost Pet Report to the microchip company a Recovery Specialist will take down vital information about your pet and subsequently issue an immediate lost pet alert to local veterinarians, shelters and pet rescuers. Information about the lost pet is conveyed to these entities via emails, faxes and phone calls. Once the Lost Pet Report is instituted there is a proactive effort to find your pet. You can even add a picture of your pet to his or her profile on the microchip manufacturer’s website. Your pet’s information and photo will be included in email and fax correspondence when your pet is lost.


Currently, the microchips we implant have a complimentary Lost Pet Medical Insurance policy included as part of your activation/registration fee. This policy will reimburse you up to $3000 (less a $50 deductible) for any medical bills your pet incurs while lost. You can also obtain laminated Pet ID cards that contain the pet’s photo, name, breed, gender, color, weight and age. These cards will also have your regular veterinarian’s clinic and emergency clinic information.


Considering all the potential benefits to your pet were he/she to become lost, microchips are surprisingly affordable. Most of the time the total cost for the microchip, implanting and activation/registration is about what you might spend at an average restaurant having dinner for two. Feel free to call us if you have questions or wish to schedule a microchip be put in your pet.


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